Waiting at a Cafe in Chios

ChairBlogCame across this going through an old  journal/sketchbook from 1976. A girlfriend and I met up in Greece to explore more of this part of the world where we had traveled two years earlier. This time we were hoping to cross over to Turkey from the island of Chios but end of season bad weather kept us waiting and we never made it…

My entry: Next door to our already favorite cafe-patisserie-candy shop is an abandoned mosque. There is an iron gate in front, chained and padlocked. Strewn in the yard (in some sort of order no doubt) are pieces of columns, plaques, some with Greek writing, some Arabic, It sounds like there are a million birds back there but I can’t see them. It’s 5 o’clock and  finally stopped raining but blustery, chilly. The cafe is dimly lit, enhancing the dismal quality of the day. Lots of damp coats and jackets, their smell mingling with smell of hot fat for the loukoumades and perfumed honey. Soldiers sitting around with nothing to do except linger over coffee for hours and stare. The ceiling is patterned with what looks like a block print, red flowers on light green. The pattern is not regular.

I can still hear the birds.

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